Human Resources

PBZ Card vision to offer its cardmembers and business partners products and services of the highest quality, is possible only with highly motivated and professional staff. Therefore, during regular improvements of the process of managing human resources, as corroborated by the Employer Partner Certificate from 2007, PBZ Card aims not only to be a work place, but the employer recognized as a business partner, thus creating the best work environment for highly skilled and motivated employees.

For a number of years, under the motto "Best Place To Work", through the system of professional education, motivation and rewarding, working in a dynamic and technologically modern environment, PBZ Card has become an attractive employment surroundings. The leading card organization, with two million issued cards and forty different card products, characterized by innovation and the leading position in introducing new technologies and products, these are just some of the indicators for this dynamic business environment.

Modern managing of processes and application of modern technological achievement on all business levels, including the Customer Relations Development and Marketing Division, Acquiring and Commercial Management Division, Customer Services Division, as well as the Accounting and Financial Control Division and Corporate Support Division guarantee the attractive working environment. If you would like to work in the dynamic, modern business environment, including some of the aforementioned organizational parts, please contact us!

In case there are currently no vacancies of your interest, prepare your CV in .doc, .rtf or .pdf format and send us your open application to


Currently there are no vacancies.