Secure Online Purchasing Guarantee

Use your American Express card for your online purchases in order to use all benefits of the secure online purchasing guarantee.

Goods and services are sold on the Internet and as the result a new shopping era began. Benefits of online purchasing are great because almost anything may be bought online, from books to airplane tickets. Still, many people do not feel it is safe to reveal their card number on the Internet.

Bearing that in mind, PBZ Card introduced security for all cardmembers: the Secure Online Purchasing Guarantee.

This security system enables you to shop online risk free. PBZ Card supports all your purchases, guarantees safe transactions and protects you from unauthorized charges regardless of whether you pay with your American Express card in a sales establishment personally, by phone order or online.

Our Guarantee
When using your American Express for online payments, you will not be responsible for potential card fraud, which grants you safe and carefree online shopping.

PBZ Card implements special security measures to protect you and your privacy:

  • we use the latest technology to protect your card number and
  • we have clearly stated Online Privacy Protection Policy which we consistantly uphold.