Online services for PBZ Card cardmembers offer online review of charges for each card, a review of accounts, the option to pay invoices. If you still do not use our services, register and access your cards and accounts around the clock.

My Account

My Account service provides a fast and simple review of non-invoiced charges, the possibility of printing invoices from previous periods and many other online options to all American Express cardmembers at any time.


Online Statement

Online Statement is a free service of sending information about the new credit card statement to the cardmember's e-mail address.


E-info Services

The free service for American Express cardmembers to receive updated information on new benefits and the balance of charges on all personal cards on their mobile phones or e-mail address.


PBZ365@NET Internet Banking

PBZ365@NET services (also for craftsmen) enables access to retail banking accounts seven days a week, around the clock, from anywhere in the world with a computer and Internet access.