3-D Secure Program

3-D Secure™ program of secure online purchasing – MasterCard® SecureCode™ & Verified by Visa.

3-D Secure is the global standard for verifying customer authenticity in the system of secure Internet transactions. Global payment systems MasterCard and Visa developed their own programs of secure online purchasing based on the 3-D Secure model, MasterCard Secure Code and Verified by Visa.

Three Domain Secure (3-D Secure) is the program developed in order to enable each cardmember to verify his authenticity to his card issuer during every purchase, thus confirming his participation in the process of purchasing and online payment, while at the same time guarantees web shops payments necessary to increase their business and offer services to customers anywhere in the world. Such a program decreases the probability of card fraud online and supports the growth of electronic shopping.

The basic characteristics of the 3-D Secure program are:

  • control of unauthorized use of cards
  • option to be used without specialized software or hardware by cardmembers
  • increase of trust and security of online buyers due to the secure transfer of information on payments, charges and cardmember's participation in transactions
  • issuers secure the verification of authenticity for their cardmembers without influencing the acquirer or merchant systems, for example, by using chip cards for authentification
  • option of using other channels, such as mobile phones, PDAa, digital television
  • the liability shift from merchants and acquirers to banks issuing cards
  • reducing cost in regard to card fraud

MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by Visa enable increased protection from fraud when people other than the cardmember use a credit or debit card. Internet shoppers have the advantage because they are the only persons with access to their personal SecureCode or Verified by Visa key or code for using their cards on the Internet.

Issuer Domain - 3D Secure Issuing

The issuer of cards manages the procedure of introducing cardmembers to the system, secures the validity of records of charges and verifies the authenticity of cardmembers during Internet purchases.


Acquirer Domain - 3D Secure Acquiring

The acquirer accepting cards defines procedures to ensure that Internet transactions at sales establishments and merchants are correct and legal and offers transaction processing services of proven authenticity.


Interoperability Domain

The domain of exchanging information on the authenticity of cards and online payments.