American Express Payment in Installments

American Express cardmembers may use payment in installments without additional costs, fees or interests, at cash prices.


American Express Consumer Loans

Pay with your American Express card and use the option of purchasing in 3 to 60 installments by using a consumer loan by Privredna banka Zagreb.


PBZ Maestro Installment Payment

This unique service is intended for select owners of current accounts with approved overdrafts - payment in installments with a Maestro card.


Purchasing Air Tickets at Privredna banka Zagreb ATMs

Purchase your airplane ticket at one of the Privredna banka


Permanent Money Transfer Order

Save your time and pay your utilities by a permanent money transfer order with your American Express card within the due date, without waiting in queues and losing time. And also, free of charge.



American Express cardmembers are insured against accidents with Croatia osiguranje d.d. and have travel insurance with Generali osiguranje d.d. American Express® cardmembers are insured 24 hours a day in case of consequences of an accident and death, independent of the cause, under special condit...


Travel Assistance

In order to feel safe and more comfortable during your travels, we prepared Global Assist and Gold Assist medical, legal and travel assistance services.


Purchasing Mobile Phones Prepaid Credits

Purchase credit for your Simpa or account with your American Express card.