American Express

Today, PBZ Card offers more than twenty American Express® cards for various cardmember groups.

The range of personal cards include charge, debit and credit cards with a revolving credit and a prepaid card. A separate category are affinity cards for cardmembers with common interests. Besides personal cards there also business charge cards and co-brand cards created in collaboration with certain partners.

American Express Gift Card

American Express Gift Card is intended as a gift for different occasions, such as holidays, birthdays and others. This card is the ideal gift for someone you care about.


American Express Card with a Heart

For every purchase with this card, regardless of the amount, PBZ Group will donate 1 kn to the project "Doing good every day" without any additional charge for cardmembers.


American Express Card

American Express Green personal card for people who value the exceptional quality of services, security and recognizability during everyday shopping.


The Gold Card

Prestigious American Express Gold Card, for people whose lifestyle is travel and social activities, offers security and recognizability and ensures top-quality services any time, anywhere.


The Platinum Card

American Express Platinum Card fulfills the sophisticated wishes and needs and is available only to the select few, whose prestigious lifestyle can be satisfied only by top-quality benefits, insurance and services which make this card unique.


American Express Start Card for Students

The Card for Students who Choose to be Financially Independent.


American Express Card – Debit Card

American Express Green Debit Card is tied to the current account and intended for all who appreciate an exceptional service quality, security and recognizability.


The Gold Card – Debit Card

The prestigious American Express Gold Debit Card, tied to the current account in Privredna banka Zagreb d.d., for people whose lifestyle is travel and social activities, offers security and recognizability and ensures top-quality services any time, anywhere.


American Express Credit Card

This card offers flexibility: it enables cardmembers repayments of charges according to their own personal financial situation by using revolving credit.


Blue from American Express

The first American Express Card with a Chip is the first on the Croatian Market Again. Blue from American Express is Now Transparent!


Croatia Airlines American Express Credit Card

Your dreams of exciting travel may easily become real. By using your Croatia Airlines American Express credit card and purchasing air tickets for each flight, you gather reward miles. Travel and realize your dreams!


American Express Business Card

An excellent choice for companies, legal entities which appreciate security and flawless services for business travel and daily purchases.


American Express Gold Business Card

Conquer the business world and improve the efficiency, simplicity and quality of your own business using the benefits of the American Express Gold Business Card.


Metro American Express Card

Metro Cash&Carry Croatia and PBZ Card present Metro American Express Card, the right card for the right business.


American Express Card for Craftsmen

Simplify your business with the right business move.


American Express Affinity Card for Members of the Rotary International Club

The card is intended exclusively for the members of the Rotary District 1913 with its special design to ensure recognizability.


PBZ American Express Shopping Card

Buy quickly, pay slowly! Relax and do your shopping, because whatever you spend - you pay in 6 installments. This is an excellent choice!