Verified by Visa

Verified by Visa is a program of secure online purchasing at web shops. When verifying the purchase, the customer also verifies his identity to the bank which issued his card using his unique code, similar to when using a token or a card reader in Internet banking.

Verified by Visa services are based and developed on the 3-D Secure™ model, the global standard of verifying customer authenticity in the system of secure Internet transactions, developed as a collaboration of Mastercard Worldwide and Visa International.

The exchange of confidential data (codes, keys, passwords) is done only between the customer and the bank which issued the card, and the web shop has no access to such data. This means that only the customer may use the card for online shopping on web sites which support the Verified by Visa program of secure online purchasing. In order for the customer to be sure he communicates with his bank, the screen will show a personal message with his identification data.

PBZ Card has enabled and supports the Verified by Visa program for web shops in order to offer maximum security of online trade and business in accordance with security trends and Visa International global card payment system mandates.

PBZ CARD MyCheckOut services for web shops offers support for the Verified by Visa secure online purchasing for web shops.